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Mike McVay
President at McVay Media Consulting

Jeremy is not only an exceptional talent, his work ethic is second to none. He is always working on how to be the most entertaining, interesting and informed talent. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeremy.

Tracy Johnson
President/CEO Tracy Johnson Media Group. We Develop On Air Superstars

Jeremy is a pro in every sense of the word. He's one of the most talented hosts I've worked with. He has a unique ability to manage the flow of a radio show while injecting his personality into it. He's likable on (and off) the air, is highly coachable, and as motivated as they come. He gets my 100% endorsement!

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Nancy Breedlove
Program Producer at MJM Creative Services

Jeremy is a dream to work with. I hired Jeremy to record the voice over for children’s video games and home entertainment releases. The reason I chose Jeremy was because of his remarkable warmth and friendliness voice quality. In children’s entertainment, it was important that the explanation, directions and rewards are encouraging and fun. Jeremy’s voice quality was a perfect fit! And working with him was a breeze! His professionalism and work ethic was just what I’d hoped for, plus he was so much fun to work with! There’s nothing wrong with combining laughter with high quality work, and I always felt great about reaching out to him for a project because I knew I’d get a fantastic result and enjoy the journey to get there. Don’t hesitate to consider Jeremy for your project!

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Justin Frazell
Owner / Host of Texas Red Dirt Roads Radio, LLC / Morning Radio Personality at KFWR 95.9 THE RANCH

Jeremy is a pro’s pro. I had the pleasure to work morning drive along side Jeremy for several years and it’s was simply the best. Jeremey’s approach to radio is personality driven. Whereas so much of that has been removed via voice tracking and liner cards, Jeremy finds a way to check all those boxes but interject a life of personality into each word and bit. I have first hand knowledge of how much prep and thought Jeremy puts into not just the overall picture of a show, but each break. He takes each break as if its it own show. Complete thoughts beginning to end with effective teases to keep the listener through the break when warranted. Is fun to watch and participate in. It’s the best listen. Jeremy lives and breathes radio. He has since I’ve known him. He is as real as it’s comes. Just when you think he’s a character of himself, you realize that’s the real Jeremy. Heart, soul, emotion and zero hesitation in putting himself out there that the listen can’t help but relate. He’s not a personality. He’s a real person and it translates so well through the radio.

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Sharon Estrada-Thomas
Marketing and Sales Executive

Jeremy is one of my favorite people to work with. He’s hard working, extremely personable and always willing to go the extra mile. He’s a true partner investing the time to research my clients needs and making sure to over deliver on expectations. If you want someone who connects with the audience and brings credibility to your business, Jeremy Robinson is your guy.

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